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Political persecution by the Nazarbayev regime
of the politician Victor Khrapunov and businesswoman Leila Khrapunova’s family
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“The yet to be written story of Television and Radio Company TAN will someday shed light on many a detail of its founders fighting their way through the harsh realities of the market patronized by government officials, and accumulating the company’s fixed assets, building premises of its own and learning to do business with no shareholders whatever to rely on, of the TV channel president’s foray into civil service and of what all this ended up in...
Regarding impartiality… The TAN president has always wanted television to stand alone, without engaging in capricious dynamics of political games and making itself dependent on anyone”.

Kazakhstan Pravda, Edkard Zhilkibayev 23.12.1997

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“The story of VILED Company established by Leila Khrapunova suggests that Kazakhstan president Nursultan Nazarbayev does not forgive any Kazakhstani businesswomen independent of his family their business success.
It is practically impossible for the representatives of “the weaker sex” other than the daughters, wives, relations and their personal business partners from the Nazarbayev clan to achieve strong business results without repercussions which Nazarbayev is bound to engineer to please the female part of his large family”.
VILED Grand Luxury boutiques
Developments and publications

Leila Khrapunova’S activities


CNN World Report Contributors Conference, USA, Atlanta, 1993

Television and Radio Company TAN

“In conformity with the slogan TAN is the morning of tomorrow, I developed the philosophy and concept of TAN company: establish Kazakhstan’s new television to promote the country’s integration into global information space. Our channel helped to shape the viewers’ civic-mindedness, we were extensively engaged in training journalists and editors for independent television. TAN TV Company created 150 jobs in the field of journalism ”. Karavan newspaper, 1994.

Leila Khrapunova 2005

Scientitfic Activities

Leila Beketova (Khrapunova) Organizational and Economic Mechanism of Public Service Television.
Almaty, Dauir Publishers, 1996
“In addressing the key goals of transition to a democratic and market-oriented state, systemic reform of television as the national economy’s major industry plays an important role. The relevance of this reform has both socio-political and economic aspects to it. The world’s experience provides evidence that any socio-economic system’s level of civilization is largely related to how democratic and independent are the country’s media.”

Multibrand boutique Fashion Walk, city of Almaty

Haute couture projects

In December 1998, Leila Khrapunova establishes a new company, Italian Fashion, opening Kazakhstan’s first de luxe boutique, Fashion Walk, followed by a second one, Gianfranco Ferré, in 1999. These shops offered clothes and accessories from the world’s leading producers. Leila Khrapunova was able to establish partner relations with celebrated European designers.

Presentation of De Grisogono Fawaz Gruosi collection, Leila Khrapunova, InterContinental Hotel, Almaty

VILED Grand Luxury boutiques

By establishing VILED boutiques, Leila Khrapunova made an important contribution to opening the luxury goods market to Kazakhstan’s public. However, groups close to the authorities saw this project as the opportunity to take over Leila Khrapunova’s business by foul rather than fair means.

Activities in numbers
Scholarly publications
Interviews, articles
Business projects

Leila’s parents

Rasilya and Kalibek Daniyarov

История гуннов
«The History of the Huns»
Kalibek Daniyarov’s The History of the Huns is the latest book from his cycle The History of the Kazakhstan State. 2002.
История Чингисхана
«The History of Genghis Khan»
The History of Genghis Khan is the result of many years of research drawing upon rare materials, many of which are not found in Kazakhstan. 2000.
Альтернативная история Улыса Жошы – Золотой Орды
«Ulys Joshy – The Golden Horde»
Ulys Joshy – The Golden Horde, is, as described by the author, who studies the genuine history of the Kazakhstan state, the second period of the Kazakhs’ history. The extremely rare sources substantiating this conclusion are extensively presented in the book. 1999.
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